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Barre set for talks on expired contracts VERMONT – Multiyear contracts with two of the city's four municipal labor unions quietly expired late last month, and negotiating new agreements covering most employees of the Police Department....
Owasso police concerned about stagnate numbers as city population grows OWASSO, OK – "To protect and serve" is their motto but Owasso police officers feel "survive and re-act" is more accurate.
Governor, Cities Criticize Pension Board Proposals SAN DIEGO, CA – A committee of the California Public Employees' Retirement System is scheduled to vote Tuesday on the type of pay that can be used toward calculating pensions for workers hired after Jan. 1, 2013.
New Denver Police Contract: 10% In Raises Over 3 Years DENVER, CO – Denver police officers began voting Monday on a new contract that will call for them to reap 10 percent in salary increases over the next 3 years; increases one Denver police patrolman called "a gold mine."
Labor board orders L.A. to rescind pension cuts for new workers LOS ANGELES, CA – A labor relations panel moved Monday to strike down a 2-year-old law that rolled back retirement benefits for newly hired Los Angeles city employees, handing a defeat to the politicians who are trying to rein in growing employee pension costs.
Merced County Pensions Still Only 51.4% Funded MERCED COUNTY, CA – Merced County pensions may have the lowest funding level of any public pension system in California, a shortfall officials attribute to a big retroactive pension increase for all county employees a decade ago and faulty actuarial work.
Gainesville to conduct pay study GAINESVILLE, GA – Gainesville officials are embarking on a pay study to determine if workers' wages and benefits are competitive with similar-sized governments and private sector job equivalents.
Don't Expect the Feds to Find Much in Ferguson FERGUSON, MO – The DOJ should be investigating, but it's exceedingly unlikely they can prosecute a civil-rights violation.
Federal court upholds mayor's pension overhaul BALTIMORE, MD – Baltimore fire union vows to negotiate a settlement or fight on.
Glencoe, cops agree to tentative contract ILLINOIS – The Village of Glencoe and their public safety officers have come to a tentative agreement in the first contract negotiated with the presence of a union.