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NFOP webinar on Body-Worn Cameras: Privacy, Professionalism, and Protection
Pension crisis spilling over into suburbs CHICAGO, IL – Unless you've been living in the Deep Tunnel, you've probably heard the State of Illinois is facing a daunting public employee pension crisis, and Chicago — mainly its schools and municipal government — is tiptoeing around similar fiscal land mines that could blow up in the faces of retirees and taxpayers.
L.A. police union president calls latest contract offer 'insulting' LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles police officers' union announced Friday it wants a third-party mediator to step into its salary talks with the city, describing the latest contract offer from Mayor Eric Garcetti and other elected officials as insulting.
Police, at wage-pact impasse, say 'time to ... protest' SPRINGFIELD, MO – Springfield police and the city haven't been able to agree on wages after 16 months of negotiations over what would be the first union contract for the police force.
City settles police contract, set to hire more officers MACOMB, MI – Following the approval of a collective bargaining agreement, Sterling Heights has begun to actively recruit applicants to fill vacant positions that will be created by the upcoming retirements of several longtime police officers.
Police union, city hope to resume collective bargaining negotiations SAN ANTONIO, TX – San Antonio police union officials said Wednesday they hope to return to the collective bargaining table by the end of the month if the city backs down from its proposal to change uniformed health care benefits.
Opponents say Phoenix pension reform ends death benefits for police, fire PHOENIX, AZ – Opponents of a ballot initiative to end Phoenix's employee pension system are seizing on concerns it could curb benefits for disabled city workers and the survivors of dead police officers and firefighters.
San Jose Police Plan "Officer Retention" Program SAN JOSE, CA – The City of San Jose will soon be considering a controversial program aimed at boosting its understaffed police department. The goal: to entice officers to stay on the force, after retirement.
Opinion: Unions have grown the middle class That New Deal legislation ensured workers could join a union and have it serve as their negotiating agent when dealing with management. No economic reform has done more to grow the middle class than the establishment of that right.
West Chester police will receive lump sum payments WEST CHESTER, OH – Collective bargaining agreements reached via a conciliator have ended more than a year of trying to negotiate a deal.