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Comment: FOP chief urges schools to ink contract It is my understanding that the contract talks are currently at a standstill over two contract items - union dues and the employee grievance procedure. Both of these items have been a part of Local 215's contract for years and I fail to see why these two items would cause talks to stop.
Police officers seeking retirement changes Jamestown Police Department officers are seeking the ability to make additional retirement contributions.
Commissioners vote to allow retired Calvert deputies to work without participating in pension plan The Calvert County Board of County Commissioners approved an amendment to the Sheriff's Department Pension Plan on Tuesday, allowing retired deputies to be employed after retirement but not participate in the plan.
CBS4 investigates: State troopers leaving force because of low wages, prompting concern at the Statehouse Augst, an Army veteran, is going back to school and looking for work with other higher-paying departments. "To this day I would do anything for those guys," he said. "I'm sure they would still do anything for me." For the first time this summer, lawmakers will seriously study how the state pays its law enforcement.
City approves new police contract DANVILLE - City council members approved a new police contract Tuesday night.
Algonac reports savings with sheriff contract The Algonac City Council approved a second 3-year contract for police services July 7.
Tustin City Council OKs jet fuel pipeline, raise for police After months of negotiations and nearly seven years of flat salaries due to the recession, the council approved a new contract with Tustin Police Department officers and management, representing 92 employees.
City's 'last, best and final' police contract offer OK'd - but it's probably not final The Omaha City Council approved Tuesday what's officially labeled as the city's "last, best and final offer" for a new four-year contract with the Omaha police union.
Crime-fighting success bolsters argument for Mandeville Police pay raise Mandeville officers are some of the lowest-paid in the region, according to an attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police, but the Civil Service Board is now recommending a change, bumping police pay by 15 percent.
8.5% hike for police employees Manteca Police Employees Association members are in line for an 8.5 percent pay increase over the next four years.